Starting over

I let my site’s hosting lapse and, as per the hosting agreement, I lost everything. Once I coughed up the dough, I put up an old backup of the site, and now here I am with this fresh placeholder blog.

I haven’t written a blog post, personal or professional in a long time, so it’s pretty much a fresh start, or a fresh restart as it were, or a forced restart.


In the past, I wrote periodically about various issues I was facing, both professionally or personally. While I’m still working out whether or not to put together anything resembling a “plan” I figure I can focus my writing in a few key areas:

Tools for the design process: including, but not limited to, sample frameworks for doing work. For example, I have a pretty reliable method for running a brief and effective sketching session.

Posts on topics I’m trying to learn more about: I’m pretty committed to growth as a mindset, so why not activate this tool as a means for sorting, testing, and strengthening the learning experience. These would also act as drafts for future speaking or other presentations.

Posts on topics I like to talk about: I used to have a post for books I would recommend for people who are getting started in experience design. I had another for podcasts I’m listening to. Simple stuff, just posting up to share.

Hopefully this provides an outlet and lays the groundwork for some new direction. Let’s see what comes next.

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