XOXO Day 2

Another great day!

Conference presentations

Tracy Clayton discussed her battle with depression and how online addiction helps and hurts. She reminded us all: Log off, Fam.

Emma Kinema is organizing gaming industry workers, one unfair work environment at a time. Support the cause »

Harry Brewis (hbomberguy) played Donkey Kong 64 for 36+ hours to spite a transphobic comedian and ended up raising ~$350K for a trans support organization.

Hundred Rabbits is a couple lives on a sail boat and develops iOS apps. Their presentation was a living testimony to reducing life’s distractions.

Black Belt Eagle Scout / KP, an indigenous activist and musician told us the story of the Chinook nation, her mother’s forced adoption to a white family, and then performed a beautiful song about the emotional journey of coming out to her mom. She also advocated giving to the Chinook tribal nation, that they may reclaim their tribal treaty land of Tansy Point »

Soleil Ho told us about the colonialist nature of food criticism and how she is now shouldering the burden and gift of upending that legacy at SF Chronicle.

Caitlin Doughty showed us that she was always into death and that we have a lot to learn.

Story: Live podcasts in Revolution Hall

You’re Wrong About: a breakdown of the Janet Jackson Super Bowl Halftime show, the fallout, and Les Moonves’ legacy of being awful.
Everything is Alive: an interview with a chainsaw.

Yo, Is This Racist?: Listening to voice mails from people asking, “is this racist?” Spoiler alert: it’s totally racist. This also included an incredible moment from a member in the audience, questioning whether their teenaged enthusiasm for hip hop culture was problematic.

The Allusionist: a breakdown of titles like Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs and many, many others; where they came from, what they mean, and why there’s ridiculous from today’s perspective.

Punch up the Jam: Holy shit, the most rollicking teardown of the Ghostbusters’ theme song, remixed and torn apart and turned into something amazing. I am honestly still sore from laughing.