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I am a senior-level product designer and leader. I have flexibility in working with offices in the local San Diego area or remotely. Here are a few options:

Product design consultation

I can provide senior-level product design guidance through design strategy, executional support, or organizational challenges facing teams with work in progress. We can discuss an ongoing or project-based scope.

Startup consultation

Bringing a product to life requires focused customer insight and special attention to incremental product development. Having worked through scaling three startups, I can work with your initial experience or advise your team through the testing and growth of your product.

Product strategy development

Working with your team, I can help you learn more about the key challenges facing your customers. Building on research, we’ll develop and validate a product strategy and outline any objectives for making that strategy a reality and test the approach through prototyping and validation.

Product design & process improvement

Developers have Agile coaches and scrum masters, but your design team might be left to figure it out along the way. I can work with your team to define current challenges, then find ways to tune the process to improve transparency, collaboration, and quality within Agile environments.

Design workshop facilitation

I can facilitate a workshop (or series of workshops) for your team to guide through an innovation process of discovery, journey mapping, prototyping, and validation of new product experience. The process results in valuable product strategy and alignment between team members that motivates teams to move forward.

Ad hoc evaluations

I can examine, evaluate, and make recommendations on an existing experience based on the challenges currently facing your business. The results of this evaluation will find opportunities for testing and quick improvements, along with areas for additional focus and research.