I have been managing designers since 2011. Working with product teams, partners, and stakeholders, I set strategic vision for the future of our product and business, identify how our team can deliver on that vision, and chart the path forward. Teams small and large can make a significant impact. At times hands-on, at times providing only guidance, I vary my approach on the context of the team, the situation, and the goal.

Teams that learn

Teams that learn over time outperform the competition. The design process and the tools available to the team must support feedback mechanisms that enrich internal decision making, clarify prioritization for go-to-market planning, and reduces the risk of product-market failure. Keeping the design practice open helps the broader organization learn quickly and deliver effective product work. Learning is built collaboratively through facilitated workshops, design sprints, prototypes, and effective design critique to engage internal and external stakeholders.

Personal Development

In a given day, we spend more time working with each other than doing anything else or with anyone else. As a leader and mentor, I prioritize the development of my team to assure that work is rewarding and engaging, balancing work with rest, health, and wellbeing. I also set an intention to lead by example, setting ambitious goals for myself in professional achievement and personal development.

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